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Let us design the yard of your dreams.

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Let us create a landscape design that will grow into a beautiful canvas around your home that you can be proud of. Owner Calais Ongania works one on one with each client to enhance the natural beauty of their exterior living space. Calais is passionate about landscape design and wants every client's vision of their outdoor living space to come to life. Regardless of the size or complexity of a project she guides each client through every step of the process, ensuring it is completed to their level of satisfaction. Calais is committed to offering her horticultural and arboricultural knowledge to all her clients so they can understand the best practices to maintain their yard.

All plant material is hand picked from local East End nurseries. This ensures we will only be installing quality plant material that is planted by experts who handle each and every plant with TLC and amend the soil to help each plant thrive in its new setting.

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"Landscape design is alot like painting. At Calais Flower we treat your yard like a canvas. Good planting design does not follow a formula. At best, it allows you to experiment with nature and through nature to make an original statement. As in all of the arts, the best garden designers take risks. Only by taking risks can you come up with something exciting and original."

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