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Holiday Decor

Calais Flower offers decorating and exterior lighting  for any holiday or special event.


Hire a Professional Landscape Designer For All Your Decorating Needs:

At Calais Flower we do holiday decorating with a natural flare. Whether it's pastel tulip arrangements on Easter or festive Fall decorating with vibrant mums, kale, and colorful gourds we can decorate the exterior and interior of your home and liven it up for any holiday. 

We work with residential and commercial property owners on the East End to provide a customized decorating and lighting plan. We specialize in Christmas décor and lighting and have decades of experience managing properties to plan and install beautiful lightscape designs and Christmas décor schemes that make the Christmas Spirit shine throughout the neighborhood.


Keep it Safe and Easy.

Leave the Decorating to a Landscaping Professional

Often homeowners are so enthused with holiday spirit that they take on decorating their homes with a DIY vigor that is often over ambitious and poorly planned resulting in frustration and a design that is seldom what was envisioned. When you hire Calais Flower you are hiring a professional in design which applies to both the landscape and the interior of your home. Our design expertise allows for you to reinvent your Christmas décor every year so you’ll be in the envy of everyone the neighborhood and leave them guessing every year.

To ensure Calais Flower illuminates your property in its best light our professionally trained Christmas light technicians work with you to custom-design each lightscape and decoration item. We install and hang lights from any part of your home from the roof down to the foundation. We have a plethora of Christmas lights you can choose from that light in different colors and patterns. From basic to exotic, we plan a lighting design that best fits your home and will style it with Christmas spirit in a way that is tasteful and suited to your neighborhood.Our  Christmas lighting technicians are experienced in wrapping tree trunks with Christmas lights. Save yourself the trouble of attempting to scale a tree and wrap it with lengthy cords of holiday lights. Our Christmas lighting technicians work together in a team to safely wrap each tree trunk and coordinate each string of holiday lights to create an illuminated winter wonderland


Calais Flower Decorates for any Holiday

Safety is the most critical factor when installing Christmas lights. Decorating your home with holiday lighting involves the use of ladders and a strong knowledge of electrical equipment. Inexperienced homeowners run the risk of falling off from ladders and injuring themselves. Christmas light fixtures and wirings need to be installed with care to avoid any hazardous events from hqppening. At Calais Flower we have a team of lighting technicians that apply safe techniques to hang your lights correctly. We have the experience of installing and removing lights on various residential and commercial properties. Stay safe and stay in the holiday spirit throughout the season by letting us decorate your home and yard.

We also provide a timely removal of all holiday lighting so your home isn’t draped with Christmas décor until Valentines Day. We offer storage options so all of your Christmas lights and decorations will sustain for many seasons to come.

Holiday Decor Gallery

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