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Colorful Flower Pot Creations

Flower Pots are an excellent way to spruce up any outdoor space. At Calais Flower we work with our cleints to choose the right pots for the right plants. We always take into consideration the overall design of your outdoor area. The color of flower pots is important because it can play a role in how much heat the pots will retain. Dark-colored pots will absorb more sunlight and retain heat longer than light-colored ones. We assess the shape, color, and location of each flower pot so they can be placed to compliment the existing structures and plant life in your yard and home. Another reason our flower pots are successful is we do our best to place them in areas with the optimal level of sunlight and shade so your floral arrangements will thrive.

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When planting your flower pots we use top quality organic potting soil mix to maintain proper moisture levels so your plants have the optimal conditions to flourish. We also use time release water-soluble fertilizer throughout the season. We have a professional staff of plant care experts that provide routine maintenance for your flower pots which incudes hydration and pruning



We have an eye for creating stunning floral arrangements that make any outdoor space come to life.



Our team at Calais Flower has the experience to arrange and plant flowers so they thrive throughout the season.



We have plant care experts that treat each flower with the delicacy and compassion for your flower pots to live their best lives.  

Flower Pot Gallery

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