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All of our vegetable gardens are organic & local with all vegetables, herbs and fruit are purchased from local East End growers. We plant, maintain, and even harvest.

We are experts in edible organic gardens.

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How we plant an edible organic garden in your yard:

In every sense of the word homegrown organic produce is as “local” as you can get. As a native to the East End and a passionate environmentalist, owner and founder Calais Ongania, takes the opportunity to plant edible organic gardens as way to restore and nurture the sensitive ecosystem within her community. With many lawns treated with synthetic fertilizers and contaminated with pesticides and herbicides, an organic garden is the way to go to give back to the earth and establish a garden that not only benefits the health of the homeowner but the overall health of their yard's ecosystem.

We begin with choosing a prime location for your edible organic garden that will yield a bountiful harvest. We choose the fruits and vegetables that are suitable for the location and then plan the layout of the garden to compliment the overall aesthetic design of your landscape. She suggests a variety of plants and flowers to install in and near your organic garden that will attract bees and other pollinators to facilitate in sustainable, eco-friendly growth of your organic garden.

Raised Beds - Organic Garden by Calais Flower

We source all of our seeds from reputable organic growers from around the East End of Long Island and we plant heirloom varieties whenever possible. After we have planted the seeds we use organic fertilizers and install an irrigation system and provide routine maintenance to ensure your organic garden flourishes. With regular maintenance, our team monitors your crops and brings them to harvest when your fruits and vegetables are ripe and ready for consumption.


The soil is then tested and we assess the organic matter and mineral composition to better understand the nutrient status of the earth where we will plant your edible garden. We then provide a customized treatment to the soil to obtain the proper pH level and if needed we lay organic topsoil that’s rich in nutrients to provide a healthy foundation for your organic vegetable garden.

Why grow an edible organic garden?

Why bother with the growing your own fruits and vegetables when you can purchase them with ease at your local farmers market or a grocery store? Growing your own edible organic garden is much more sustainable and affordable than purchasing them from a retailer.


An edible organic garden provides numerous benefits to the environment of your backyard and surrounding ecosystem. Backyard edible organic gardens are a great way to attract bees and other pollinators that add to the biodiversity of your yard. Your edible organic garden will naturally become a diverse place, filled not only with vegetables, but flowers, birds, insects, bees and butterflies. It is a happy home for all those living things and is in harmony with nature.


Studies have shown that nitrate heavy fertilizers kill earthworms and do tremendous damage to the ecology of the soil. An organic garden allows for the soil to replenish itself and produce minerals that benefits the vitality of your garden and lawn. In addition, edible organic gardens don't contain pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers so none of these chemicals can run off and find their way into the local water supply. This protects the surrounding eco-sensitive bays that provide us with a variety of shellfish. Having an edible organic garden in your backyard also reduces your carbon footprint. By having a backyard organic vegetable garden you will save about 2 pounds of carbon from entering the atmosphere for each pound of produce that you grow. Food is being shipped across the planet and burns fossil fuels in the process so by easing this inefficient supply chain you help reduce carbon dioxide emissions

The most important of all the benefits of organic gardening is that vegetables grown in your edible organic garden are healthier for you. They are higher in antioxidants and have a much better taste when compared with chemically-grown or genetically-modified fruits and vegetables. Your edible organic garden will produce fruits and vegetables that has no cancer-causing pesticide residues or unnatural genetic patterns so you can eat safely and sustainably.

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